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Cantonese Tunes on Mott Street




剪辑:Leon Yan

混音:Stas Gagary




2022, single-channel HD video, 16min28sec

Directed / Cinematography / Sound Recording by: Luka Yuanyuan Yang

Editor: Leon Yan

Sound Mixer: Stas Gagary

“Cantonese Tunes on Mott Street” filmed three Cantonese opera lovers living in New York. Shirley, born in Cantonese opera families who immigrated from mainland China; Rosa, Hong Kong immigrant who came to New York since childhood; Wenxiang, Chinese refugee who immigrated to the United States from Cuba. They found their habitat in Cantonese opera performances.

In “Tales of Chinatown”(2019) and “Cantonese Tunes on Mott Street”(2022), Luka Yuanyuan Yang traces the past and now of Cantonese opera fin the American culture and how it has had a cross-generational impact on diaspora Chinese.