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Luka Yuanyuan Yang


她于2013年毕业于伦敦艺术大学并获摄影本科学位,曾获ART POWER年度艺术发现大奖(2019);亚洲文化协会奖助金(2017);新锐摄影奖提名(2016);华宇青年奖提名(2016);法国阿尔勒摄影节作者书奖(2015);Magenta基金会Flash Forward摄影奖(2013);三影堂特尼基金奖(2012)等等。她的近期个展包括 “上海楼”,OCAT,上海,中国,2020;“大连幻景”,AIKE,上海,中国,2019;“交错剧场”,华美艺术协会456画廊,纽约,美国,2018;“间隔地带“,Modern Art Base, 上海,中国,2018;“在视线交错之处,上篇“,C-空间,北京,中国,2016。

2018年,她在纽约的Art in General与UnionDocs进行驻地。2019年,她的处女短片电影《相爱的柯比与史蒂芬》入围多部国际电影节包括美国亚特兰大电影节、卡姆登国际电影节、亚美国际电影节、台湾国际女性影展等,并于2021年发表在《纽约客》。目前,她的第一部长片《女人世界》正在后期制作中。


Luka Yuanyuan Yang (b. 1989, Beijing, China), currently lives and works in Beijing. She is a filmmaker and visual artist. She does visual storytelling through film, photography, artist books and performance. By creating narratives where facts and fiction coexist, she challenges the rigid and conventional interpretation of history and gives voices to subjects that have been forgotten, silenced, and misinterpreted. She was graduated from London College of Communications, University of the Arts London with a BA (hons) in photography. Yang received awards internationally from organizations such as Art Power 100 (2019); Asian Cultural Council (2017); Huayu Youth Award(2016); Rencontres d’Arles(2015); Magenta Foundation(2013); Three Shadows Tierney Fellowship (2012) etc. Her recent solo exhibitions include ‘Shanghai Low’, OCAT, Shanghai, China, 2020; ’Dalian Mirage’, AIKE, Shanghai, China, 2019; ’Theater of Crossroads’, Chinese America Arts Council Gallery 456, New York, United States, 2018; ’Interval’, Modern Art Base, Shanghai, China, 2018; ’At the Place of Crossed Sights’, C-Space, Beijing, China, 2016.

In 2018, Yang was the artist-in-residence at Art in General and UnionDocs in New York. In 2019, her first short film ‘Coby and Stephen are in Love’ co-directed with Carlo Nasisse was screened at multiple international film festivals such as Atlanta Film Festival, Camden International Film Festival, Asian American International Film Festival and Women Make Waves etc. In 2021 the film was published on The New Yorker. Her first feature film Women’s World is currently in post-production phase.

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