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Art of Craft

Back to the Future: Breaking the Time Barrier



Commissioned by PSA and CHANEL Culture Fund




PSA and the CHANEL Culture Fund invited film director and visual artist YANG Yuanyuan to follow the footsteps of the two selected groups of “Next Cultural Producers” over the past six months, diving into numerous crafting scenes to film Art of Craft, a documentary of the same name that will be screened at PSA simultaneously with the exhibitions.

Tracing the origin of “craft” in Eastern and Western philosophy, Hill of the Madman endorses the idea of crafting as the ability to “know” and to “see”. Through the exhibition, FENG Lixing and WU You gaze upon crafting of 11 artists as both a daily routine and a “non-productive” way of connecting their bodies with material world, and eventually present a collection of subtle yet highly intensified artworks that could be perceived as “madness”. In a time when modern civilization has led to the eventual sorrow of handicrafts, Back to the Future: Breaking the Time Barrier proposes to examine “crafts” within the framework of a friendly yet restrained production system. By doing so, the exhibition attempts to re-embrace a method through which man and nature bond and empathize with each other and explore how the healthy concepts of making and the spiritual heritage of traditional crafts could be applied in contemporary manufacturing and modern life.

Through Yang’s lens, the audience will be able to step into artist studios that contributed to Hill of the Madman, and, in an up-close manner, observe how time is lost through repeated scribbling, penetrating and collaging, and how it is “reshaped” through art amid the spiritual harmonization between “hand” and “craft”. They will also be able to visit communities and workshops in Anhui’s Bishan Village – from red envelop workshop to bamboo weaving workshop, and from former supply and marketing cooperative to today’s Bishan Crafts Cooperatives, they will walk the modern and rescuing journey of rural and traditional crafts via the daily routine of local residents.


导演 & 制片 Director & Producers

杨圆圆 Luka Yuanyuan Yang


联合制片 Co-Producers

宋典 Song Dian


摄影 Cinematography by

瘦肉 Solo Zhuang

木村 Mu Cun


航拍 Aerial photography

阿柒 AaronSeven

木村 Mu Cun


摄影助理 Assistant Camera

庄江航 Milo Zhuang

李鑫 Li Xin


录音 Sound Recordist

张建玺 Zhang Jianxi

刘希行 Liu Xihang

李阔 Li Kuo

牛帅 Zhou Yang


剪辑 Editor

Leon Yan


混音 Sound Mixer

Stas Gagary


后期制作(调色) Post-production (color)

农贸市场 Cinemarket


调色师 Colorist

杜青杰 Du Qingjie


音乐 Music

李带菓 Li Daiguo – 07 g if you are hiding in a pilgrim’s wicked bomb design

李带菓  Li Daiguo – 08 at some point when we understand everything