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American Relative




摄影:Carlo Nasisse

剪辑:Leon Yan

混音:Stas Gagary






2022, single-channel HD video, 26min28sec

A Film by Luka Yuanyuan Yang

Cinematography by: Carlo Nasisse

Editor: Leon Yan

Sound Mixer: Stas Gagary

The story of “American Relative” was filmed in San Francisco and Toisan, Guangdong. In the first half of the film, Chinese-American Pat Chu Nishimoto reveals the secret that her father, who died many years ago, had hidden for long time. In 1980, when mainland China was reforming and opening up, her family came to her father’s hometown Toisan for the first time, and surprisingly discovered that they have a family of half-relatives there. In the second half of the film, her Chinese relatives tell the story of their ancestral house. Today, in the process of urbanization in China, the architecture in Toisan that tells story of hardships of the diaspora Chinese are rapidly  disappearing…