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The Lady from Shanghai


导演/制片: 杨圆圆 出演: 吴锡锡, 吴继贞 剪辑/调色: 戴岷 摄像/录音:杨圆圆 混音: 戴岷,Juan Pablo Tramujas

尽管在旧金山渡过了大半生,78岁的吴锡锡始终将自己视为“来自上海的女士”。而她101岁的失忆母亲,每天会在口中喃喃自语 “这是哪里?我在上海吗?”  找第三任丈夫时,她甚至只考虑来自上海的男人。在电影中,吴锡锡分享了自己与上海前夫的爱情日记,讲述了二人跨越语言与地理限制、在千禧年通过交友网站结下的爱情故事。


The Lady from Shanghai, 2019, Single-channel HD video, colour, sound, 16min24sec
Directed & Produced by  Luka Yuanyuan Yang Featuring: Cecilia “Cee Cee” Wu & Stella Wu  Edited & Colored by Min Dai Cinematography & Sound Recorded by Luka Yuanyuan Yang  Sound Designed by Min Dai, Juan Pablo Tramujas
Special thanks: Shanghai Urban Space Art Season (SUSAS)

Despite living in San Francisco for her entire adult life, the 78-year-old Ceecee Wu has always considered herself as “the lady from Shanghai”, so does her 101-year-old mother with amnesia who always muttered “Where is this? Am I in Shanghai?”   In this film, Ceecee shares a love journal between her and her ex-husband from Shanghai, the two met each other through a dating website in the millennium and formed a relationship that defeats the obstacle of language and geographical boundaries.