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《在沉船上》起始于我在2013年底于京郊一处废弃办公室展开的一系列行为,该长期项目在2017年以建筑的拆除划上句号。项目被划分为 “抵达”(2013)、”对话”(2013-2014)、”586路公交车”(2014-2016)、“接近尾声”(2015-2016)、“沉船的消失” (2016-2017)五个阶段,通过融合摄影、录像、文字的文献形式,意图探讨个体与城市空间之间多元而复杂的关系。

「On The Shipwreck」

2013-2017, mixed media

On The Shipwreck began in November 2013 with a series of performances conducted at an abandoned office building located on the outskirts of Beijing; the project finished in 2017 after the destruction of the building. The project is divided into five parts: Arrival (2013), Conversation (2013-2014), Bus Route 586 (2014-2016), Towards Epilogue (2015-2016) and Disappearance of the Shipwreck (2016-2017). The project is presented as a mixed-media archive that includes photography, video and text. The central idea is to explore the complex relationship between the individual and the city surroundings within the current dynamic social environment.