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《胎记》(系列), 综合材料 , 尺寸不等

作为皮肤上难以抹除的独特印记,胎记通常被视为代表个体特殊性的符号。在《胎记》项目中,艺术家将100个搜集自世界各地的胎记形状提取,将这些本不可复制的形状转移至新的载体,并围绕这些图像展开创作。项目如同一份与胎记有关的虚构档案。其中,多组由摄影、版画、插画、文字、设计等创作语言构成的物件,彼此交织构成一系列与身份、复制、印记、 伤痕、巧合、地理、种族、战争、神话等多个话题相关的叙事。

Birthmarks(series), mixed media, size variable

As a unique and non-removable mark on skin, a birthmark is usually considered a symbol of individuality. In the ongoing project Birthmarks, the artist extracts the shapes of birthmarks she collected worldwide, transfers the shapes to new surfaces and creates works based on these images. The project is similar to a fictional archive relating to birthmarks. It consists of various works created with methods such as photography, printmaking, illustration, text and design; these works interweave with each other and lead to a series of narratives relating to topics such as identity, copying, marks/traces, wounds, chance, geography, ethnicity, war and mythology.