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Asymmetry Documentary Film

Ongoing feature documentary, estimated release date: late-2024
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本片由艺术家/纪录片导演杨圆圆担任导演,策展人董冰峰、策展人李佳桓Alvin Li担任影片内容顾问,带领海内外优秀纪录片制作团队拍摄制作,为中国当代艺术记录珍贵影像资料。

A feature length documentary project sponsored by Asymmetry Art Foundation that is centred around the experiences of different generations of Greater Chinese and Sinophone artists and their artistic practices amidst waves of social change, to explore and reflect on the contextualisation of contemporary Chinese society and culture in the past 40 years.

The film is being directed by artist and filmmaker Luka Yuanyuan Yang and her team. Bingfeng Dong is serving as Head of Research, with Alvin Li contributing as Advisor.


The idea of the documentary emerged at the very beginning of the pandemic. When profound changes were brought on to societies across the globe, including the arts and culture sector, we identified an urgent need and agency to document this potentially historical turn with its effects and ramifications. During current shifts within the global stratification, China – which has adopted increasingly strict lockdown policies and border closures – stands like an isolated island, gradually drifting further away from the globalised world. Individuals who identify to any extend with Greater Chinese and Sinophone heritage and culture can feel impacts of these changes, whether based in the region or internationally, due to a shared cultural or ethnic identity.

Like all changes that have taken place in China since the 1980s, the pandemic resembles an accelerated historical process — whether it was the reform and opening-up in the 1980s, the boom of the market economy in the 1990s, the full-scale arrival of the globalisation era after 2008, or the current zero-Covid strategy today. In the wake of unpredictable waves of change, artists tend to gravitate towards taking position as observers and activists of the times.



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