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The New Yorker | Happy Valentines Day Everyone!



An Aging Burlesque Dancer’s Unlikely Romance, The New Yorker,2021年2月14日


从没想过自己的第一部电影能有幸登上The New Yorker,能在情人节这天把Coby与Stephen的爱情故事分享给全世界,我们觉得很幸福。

I never thought my first movie could be featured by The New Yorker. So glad Carlo Nasisse and I could share Coby and Stephen’s love story with the world from this special day onwards, Check the link below to watch the special version of the film and read the amazing article written by Naomi Fry.

“Making the movie was a beautifully collaborative experience between the four of us.” Yang agreed: “It was like dancing,” she said. In August of 2020, Yee died, at ninety-three. “Coby and Stephen Are in Love” is dedicated to her memory.


Link: An Aging Burlesque Dancer’s Unlikely Romance